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Tiny miracles unveiled

Newborn photography is a celebration of precious innocence. Every click captures the tender moments, pure joy, and undeniable magic of a newborn. I create timeless portraits that preserve the unbreakable bond between parents and their bundle of joy.


For the newborn photoshoot, it is important to me that the client has trust in my abilities as a photographer. I understand that capturing the magical moment as authentically as possible and creating a beautiful memory for the clients to cherish is especially crucial in a newborn session. I am aware that newborns have their own schedules and may require some extra time and patience. Therefore, I dedicate the necessary time to ensure a successful photoshoot and achieve the best results possible.


Basic Shooting CHF 600

Duration: ca. 1 - 2h

Location: on demand

Travel expenses: incl. up to 5km from Uster

Image Download: 10 - 15 edited images

The package includes 10-15 photos, but additional requests regarding the number of images, editing, etc. can be discussed and customized individually.

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